Update – Hotel Room Deposit Date Changed.

Good day AnimeIowa Family and Friends

At this time, with the information we have available, we are continuing to plan to host AnimeIowa this year.   Our venues team is continually working with the Marriott to make sure that you, our attendees, are not over extended at this time.  The room deposit which is normally charged on May 1st has been delayed until June 1st, 2020. 

AnimeIowa is working on plans to ensure that everyone attending the convention will be safe.  We are striving to get extra hand sanitizer and wipes to have available at the convention, as well as good old soap and water.  As a team we are working on establishing additional protocols to keep you, our guests, attendees and staff as safe as we possibly can.

The executive team will keep you informed of any changes as they happen.  Thank you for being part of the AnimeIowa family.

The AnimeIowa Executive Team
and all the staff at AnimeIowa