Virtual EGL Runway Show

Art by Cheri of Tangerine Mountain

AnimeIowa 2020’s J-Fashion Department will be hosting a virtual runway to showcase looks from our midwestern EGL and J-Fashion Communities. And we want you to be a part of it.  We are looking for lolitas from communities around the midwest to show off their coordinates.  Please submit your b-roll footage as a google drive link and information about your coordinate by emailing Bonnie at  b-roll footage will be spliced together to create an virtual fashion show that will be streamed on Twitch.

What should my b-roll footage look like?

If you are using a phone, please hold the phone horizontally.

If you are using a DSLR use a small aperture for a deeper depth of field.

Early morning or evening is called “golden hour” because the lighting is the best.  Afternoon light causes harsh shadows.  Make sure your face is toward the sun and that the sun is not behind you or you will be in silhouette.

Walk toward the camera, pause for at least 3 seconds/pose, and then turn and walk away from the camera.  Have fun, vibe, be the main character.  Put on your favorite music if that helps.

Pan across details you would like to feature such as nails, jewelry, makeup, head pieces, shoes, etc.  Make sure the close up items are in focus.

Have questions?  Please email Bonnie at

Deadline to send in your video footage is July 24, 2020

Tips and Tricks to make your B-roll footage.