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The AnimeIowa Staff is the dedicated group of people that makes AnimeIowa possible year after year. There is a large amount of work both during the convention and throughout the year. As such, we are always looking to recruit dedicated individuals to help.

Staff members receive many benefits for their hard work including:

  • Advanced hotel booking
  • $30 flat rate registration
  • Access to the Recharge Room, where you can relax and get free meals
  • Early entry to the Dealer’s Room
  • Volunteer experience for your resume or scholarship application

How to Join

You can join AnimeIowa Staff by attending one of the Staff meetings held throughout the year at the convention hotel. There you can speak with the department heads and decide where you would like to help.

Staff Meeting Dates

(meeting at 2pm unless otherwise noted)

  • September 13, 2014 (Post-Mortem Meeting)
  • October 18, 2014
  • November 8, 2014
  • December 13, 2014
  • January 10, 2015  New Staff Recruitment Meeting
  • February 14, 2015
  • March 14, 2015 (at Brown Deer Country Club)
  • April 11, 2015  Volunteer Info Meeting
  • May 9, 2015
  • June 13, 2015
  • June 27, 2015
  • July 11, 2015  Final Pre-Convention Meeting
  • July 24-26, 2015  AnimeIowa 2015 Convention!
  • September 12, 2015  Post-Mortem Meeting

Meeting Location

Coralville Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
300 East 9th St.
Coralville, IA 52241


If you are interested in join Staff or have any questions, please e-mail recruitment@animeiowa.com or use the following contact form.

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Staff Departments

Below is the list of the different Departments in AnimeIowa. You may read up on them to help you decide what area you would like to work on.

Anime Marketplace
The Anime Marketplace is the central hub for all things merchandise  Anything being sold at the convention is found here, ranging from mochi balls to electronic cat ears and figurines, too. You will find our numerous merchants and artisans are willing to help you walk out of the convention with a smile on your face and some sweet swag in your bag

Art Show
Within the Anime Marketplace is the AnimeIowa Artshow. The show is a varied collection of original and fan art display artists for show and competition.

Consweet provides a variety of sweet and salty foods (with the occasional fresh fruit or healthy snack thrown in) to help sustain con-goers between meals so they can attend all the panels and events.  Our main food items include chips, candy, popcorn, and of course cheese balls!

The Registration Department is in charge of collecting monies and information and distributing badges to everyone who is a part of Anime Iowa! We run pre-Con registration, handle at-the-door registrations, and the badges. We can answer any and all questions or problems people may have about registration policies, attendance, and badges.

Volunteers are the working blood of the convention. Your typical volunteer is a con-attendee that desires to help the convention run smoothly, by doing smaller tasks around the convention (badge checker, luggage check, help with setup/tear down, etc).  With the hours these individuals put in, they can earn shiny swag (prizes) in the volunteers booth. Don’t forget to check out the volunteers booth as you explore the convention!

The Hotel Team works to help make everyone comfortable!  We start by negotiating each year’s hotel contract, and ensure that the convention space is correctly allocated and furnished to meet every department’s needs  We arrange space and equipment for our monthly staff meetings.  We double-check that the special rooms for our Guests of Honor and the priority rooms for our staff are correctly set aside.  But most importantly, we set up the on-site guest room block for our convention attendees, and assist with any reservation issues.

Website & Forums
If you’ve visited the AnimeIowa website or Forums, you’ve seen our work.  We provide the year round link to convention information.  We also provide online registration, panel submission, and other online services to support the convention.  And for those who need more than just 3 days of AnimeIowa per year, our Forums provide a friendly social outlet that’s kept safe by our team of Forum Moderators.

Family Programming
Would you like to share you passion of all things Otaku with your little ones? Have you ever skipped a convention because you could not bring your children along? AnimeIowa has your solution. Introducing Family Programming, the cure to your woes. Family programming is designed to promote panels that familys with younger children can enjoy together. This will allow AnimeIowa to expose and build appreciation for the Asian culture in a fun way.

Are extra special people who give extra support to AnimeIowa and because they are special we treat them to extra special sponsor only perks and swag. If you want the total convention experience become an AnimeIowa sponsor.

From official con tee’s to cozzies, the FanMarket is your one stop shop for all things AnimeIowa. Located in the Anime Marketplace, so come on in and leave with a smile on your face.

Staff Art Table
Because our worker bees have lots to do, they aren’t always available to sell to you. Our AnimeIowa staff is a talented crew and like all artists they have unique things for you. The Staff table we have set up to sell their wares while they continue to do their convention shares.

Tabletop Gaming
AnimeIowa’s room dedicated to electricity-free gaming. Attendees can participate in pre-scheduled board game demos, card game tournaments, RPG modules, and Anime Bingo. We also have the Mindbridge Game Library for those who want to check out a chessboard, a deck of cards, an Apples to Apples set, or any of the dozens of other titles available.

Staff Recharge
Because staffers cannot survive on Ramen alone. This is the place where staff, guests, sponsors, and volunteers who work a designated number of hours before/during the con go to kick back, watch anime, and have some real food. There is typically always food available, be it candy and sugary substances and soda, or sushi and barbecue during other peak meal times.

There are these great people. They have ideas. They have talent. &they desperately want to use it. But where to put them? Paneling Agents are the dedicated & highly motivated fans that want to see other fans make our convention epic. They help from overlooking fan submissions, editing panel descriptions, and always  at-convention Room Reconnaissance Work. There are always new titles springing up, because this department grows with the convention. The more epic we make AI, the more epic we become. We also have a Panda. (Pretty epic, right?) Work with guests, work the fans, but even cooler isn’t to work with everyone you know&love on staff. Join us.

AnimeIowa’s Cosplay department never stops running around. With two major events during Convention, the members of the AI Cosplay Staff help set up, tear down, and deal with attendees who participate in the Mainstage and Hall Cosplay Competitions. Members of Cosplay staff are usually multi-classed with Tech, Events, and even Vendors. They bargain for prizes from vendors, consult attendees on costumes (and fixing them!), and manage audio/video for skits and models. If you aren’t afraid of tutus, sharp swords, and badgers, join Cosplay.

Info Desk
Info Desk is the epicenter of information for the convention, harboring everything from updates for your favorite panels to directions to the local dine-in restaurants. From early morning until late in the night, Infodesk is open to supply AnimeIowa congoers with the Intel they need to survive the cons daily hustle and bustle. As much as we provide information, we also gather it from attendee’s as feedback to supply our hardworking staff with comments and suggestions to better the following years.

Cafe Ai
Cafe Ai is Anime Iowa’s very own maid cafe. This is an event that is run on Friday of the convention. Cafe Ai plans many things out in the months before the con, working with con goers who volunteer to be maids and butlers, as well as setting up menus and gathering sweets for the Cafe. We also brainstorm ways to make the event fun for all, be it through healthier food options to board games being provided. ^.^

Guests of Honor
The Guests of Honor department is an exciting opportunity to work directly with an industry professional.  In your role, you can expect to face many challenges.  Some simple; others difficult.  You will need to be able to think on your feet and possess top notch interpersonal skills.

While working with the Guests Department, you will also be communicating with a variety of other departments.  From setting up room arrangements with the Hotel Department to scheduling programming tracks with the Programming Department.  To allocating space for a Guest in the Exhibitor Hall to verifying finance costs with the Treasurer.  The Guests Department opens up many doors of opportunity to work with various departments, staff, volunteers and the Guests themselves.

Video Gaming
In video gaming, we help our con-goers with the gaming systems, run tournaments, check bags and overall keep a good environment for all of our otaku gamers to be able to cooperate and get along in. Con-goers can check games in and out with us for play for as long as they wish, as long as the systems are shared among all the people who wish to have a turn.

Meals on Wheels
AnimeIowa’s own staff preservation service.  Meals on Wheels delivers food from the recharge department to staff members throughout the convention site, allowing our staff to focus on running their departments without missing a meal.  Our main focus is on delivering lunch and supper but we make on-call deliveries as they are requested and have been known to show up randomly with buckets of candy.

We are those who work behind the shadows and in the walls to fix any tech situation as swift as possible. We support many of the departments with lights, sound, and technology.  You will learn how to set-up sound equipment for panels and as well as how to run it.  We actively have people “monitoring” the animes we are showing and aiding panels switching over during the con.  Essentially we are Batman who watches anime and makes sure all the equipment works right and our utility belt has cables and gaffers tape.

Room Parties