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More to do

Video Rooms

Video rooms are where you can watch anime around the clock at the convention free of charge. Re-watch your favorite shows or discover new shows. The schedule will indicate which are anime subtitled and which are dubbed in English. Grab some friends and you can have a watch party, but in person instead of on the net. Anime viewed on your tv or laptop just isn’t the same as
watching with other fans. Check out a sampling of anime on screen thru out the weekend.

Video Gaming

Come in, find a game and grab a controller. Video gaming may have started small

Video gaming and Anime Iowa Convention, they go together. What games and tournaments can you expect to see in the Video Gaming room this year? let us know what you would like to see at or join the conversation on social media.

Tabletop Gaming

An excellent mesh of tabletop board, Card trading, and live action. Tabletop Gaming offers a variety of anime and non-anime related games for our attendees to participate in. Who said games were for kids?


Cosplay Masquerade

You know you want to be there to see it or compete. It’s the show everyone wants be in.  Cosplay is the heart of any good convention and Anime Iowa loves to Cosplay. Anime Iowa Masquerade – a show of fan made costumes and props. And features skits for all to enjoy. Prizes will be awarded.


Anime Marketplace and Artists Alley

The Anime Marketplace is the place to shop for Anime themed and popular cultural merchandise.  Retail Merchants and creative Artists have a wide variety to choose from.  For instance you can purchase snack items, as well as games, books, figures, and more.
Please note not all merchants/artists have the ability to receive payment via plastic.


The FanMarket is located in the Anime Marketplace.   Finding all things AnimeIowa and Buu Chan just for you.   The current year’s shirts are available in our online store  
The FanMarket is the only place to get items supporting the convention. Merchandise featuring our logo or our very own mascot and cos-playing pig Buu-chan.

Staff Art table 

Many of our AnimeIowa staff are also creators. Unfortunately their duties don’t leave enough time to man a booth in the Artist’s Alley. The Staff Art Table has a variety of handmade items created by our staff members. Stop by, you will be amazed by our staff’s art works.

Artists Art show and sale  
Come check out the AI Art Show where you can see original works & bid in a silent auction for some of those works! Enjoy the display, display work yourself (link here to entry info) and buy artwork to have for yourself!



The convention hosts numerous staff and attendee run programming. Among them are panels, workshops and discussion groups. This provides our attendees many opportunities to learn and discuss topics relating to Japanese and Fan Culture. Attendees can participate in hands on workshops on a wide variety of hobbies. Running a panel can be a lot of fun, and generally the format of the panel is up to you. However, AnimeIowa does have some general rules and guidelines that need to be followed if you wish to have your panel accepted.  Some of the panels may be on such subjects like:

  • Ball jointed dolls
  • Model kits
  • Cell painting 
  • Japanese kimono
  • And more

Family Programming

Would you like to share your passion of all things otaku with your little ones? Have you ever skipped a convention because you could not bring your children along? During the AnimeIowa Convention Family Programming provides panels and other activities that families with children can enjoy together.
It is important to note that Family Programming is not a child care service.

Charity Event

Every year, Anime Iowa Convention picks a charity to support and raise money for. We hold charity auctions, put out donation jars, and partner up with other weekend projects.