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Badge Policies

Table of Contents

  1. Badges
  2. Staff and Security
  3. Replacement badges
  4. Masquerade Event
  5. Age Limit Restrictions
  6. Badges and Convention Space
  7. Badge Refunds


  • Badges must be worn above your belt, below your neck, be on the front of your body, and be visible at all times.
  • The only exception is detailed in the Masquerade Section.
  • You are free to put your badge in any holder.
  • If you do not have one, badge holders will be provided by Registration.
  • Costumes must not cover up your badge.
  • You must present your badge if asked by staff, ranger, or volunteer door badger.
  • By wearing the AnimeIowa Convention badge, you give AnimeIowa permission
  • to use your image or likeness for promotion of the convention.

2.Staff and Security

  • Staff members wear a large/unique badge which boldly states Staff on the front.
  • Rangers are a part of AnimeIowa’s security. They are here for your safety
  • and to help make sure the convention runs smoothly.
  • Staff or Volunteer Rangers will be wearing identifying badges or uniforms
  • when on duty during the convention.
  • On duty Rangers have the same authority as staff members.

3.Replacement Badges

  • Replacement badges can be purchased at the registration desk for a $10.00 fee.
  • We will require your ID again. Your replacement badge will have the same badge number as your first.
  • If you find a lost badge, please turn it in at the Bridge’s Lost and Found.
  • If you find your lost badge, turn in the replacement badge. If someone besides you is found wearing your badge,
  • both parties will be brought to the Convention bridge and dealt with accordingly.

4.Masquerade Event

Participants in the Masquerade are not required to wear their badge while on stage or while costumes are being judged.
But outside the green room or Main Stage, you MUST put your badge back on.

5.Age Limit Restrictions

  • All attendees age 12 and under must be accompanied by a registered adult at all times while on event property.
  • Unattended children age 12 and under will be reported to the Bridge and a Ranger or staff member will stay with them
  • at their location until their registered adult is located and brought to their location.
  • Persons under the age of 18 must provide emergency contact information for a person at or near the convention

6.Badges and Convention Space

  • Only persons with a badge are permitted within all areas that are considered part of the AnimeIowa convention.
  • If you have yet to purchase a badge, you may not wander the halls.
  • Persons without badges will be escorted to Registration to purchase one or be required to leave convention space.
  • A Convention Badge is required to Volunteer.

7.Badge Refunds

  • No refunds can be issued at the convention. For further information please visit: