AnimeIowa Hotel Block 2021

Coralville Marriott Hotel and Conference Center

This is the information you have been waiting for!

The AnimeIowa room block will open to ALL attendees at 10:00am on Monday April 5th. Reservations will not be accepted prior to this time.

Once the hotel block is open to the public, our hotel contact will not accept any direct requests for reservations. All guests (even staff) will be required to book via the booking link or by calling the reservations desk at 866-204-0539 (please encourage use of this number instead of calling the Front Desk for the most efficient process).

Our plan is to host a safe convention for our attendees, guests, volunteers and staff. Please read our Covid Health Initiative Plan posted on the website. We are serious about the safety of everyone attending AnimeIowa, so please follow our guidelines to have a great convention.

Panel Submissions for 2021 are Open!

That’s right! 2021 AnimeIowa Panel Submissions are now open! Ever wanted to run a panel with friends or have interest in seeing something done at AnimeIowa? Then step right up and submit your ideas anytime between February 1st through through March 28th 2021.

Running a panel can be a lot of fun, and generally the format of the panel is up to you. However, AnimeIowa does have some general rules and guidelines that need to be followed if you wish to have your panel accepted. 

When planning your panel please keep in mind possible Covid 19 restrictions. And how your panel would adapt to a online convention. Our programming department is a great resource for questions, concerns, and help/ideas. You can contact them at

Registration 2021 is open!

If you were registered for AnimeIowa 2020 and didn’t have it refunded, your membership was automatically forwarded to our 2021 convention. We look forward to seeing you at our event!

At the present time, we are working with our venue and state guidance in reference to the limitations that may be in place related to COVID-19 as we approach the convention. It is our intent to have a safe/fun event for our attendees and staff. Further details to come as they are available.

AnimeIowa 2020 “The shirt without a Convention” Goes Virtual!

Art by Shawn King

In 2019 the staff of AnimeIowa began to envision their return to Coralville, and plan AnimeIowa’s 24th annual get together of like minded Anime fans. We were on track for the event to be held back at AI’s longtime home the Marriott Hotel and Conference center.

Unfortunately the world changed and on May 8th we announced the cancelation of our in person event. We feel that the health and safety of our Attendees, Guests, Staff; as well as those presenting panels/workshops, and the artists and merchants in our Marketplace was our top priority.

Still we couldn’t envision a year without AnimeIowa…

So get your cosplay costume ready, and plan to get together with the AnimeIowa staff on Saturday August 1st and Sunday August 2nd for the 24th annual AnimeIowa – gone virtual.

Check out the Virtual convention menu, or use the buttons below, for your entrance to all things AnimeIowa online.

You can order your special edition AnimeIowa 2020 “The shirt without a convention” T-shirt delivered directly to your home.

Enter the online Hall Cosplay Photo Contest and the our Cosplay Video Showcase

Enter your artworks into the AnimeIowa Art Show.

AnimeIowa is having on online Runway Show featuring EGL fashions and a special bonus J-fashion portion. Enjoy the show or better still participate in the show. Check out the Virtual EGL Runway Show in the Virtual Con 2020 menu.

Art by Shawn King

Attend panels, workshops, and much much more. Check the AnimeIowa website’s Virtual con 2020 menu or your favorite social media sources for information and updates.

AnimeIowa 2020 Registrations

AnimeIowa 2017 Marriott Hotel, Coralville, IA.

With AnimeIowa 2020’s convention canceled many of you are wondering about your registration.  With this in mind we have some good news. All registrations have been rolled over to our 2021 convention.  Everyone who registered between Black Friday 2019 and May 8th, 2020 will not have to do anything. Including those who had to roll over from 2019 to 2020. And those who registered at the 2019 convention.

All attendees, registered or not, are invited to join us the weekend of July 31 to August 2, 2020 for AnimeIowa 2020 Online.  AnimeIowa’s very own Virtual convention with lots to do and see.  

 If you have any questions about your registration, including refund and donation options please contact us. The registration department is ready to help you. Email: Please include “2020 Registration Question” in your subject line. The deadline is June 13, 2020.

Keep checking the AnimeIowa website. And visit our Facebook page and social media platforms for more information on our virtual event.


It is with a heavy heart that the Executive Committee announces that we are cancelling AnimeIowa 2020 that was set for July 31 – August 2, 2020. Our staff have worked tirelessly with our partners and health experts to figure out the best way to host a safe and responsible event since learning about COVID-19, and as we have followed news and developments on this illness we do not believe that we can responsibly maintain necessary precautions to keep our staff, merchants, and attendees safe.  We are instead, working on developing a virtual con that will span several social media platforms.  

To decrease the negative effects, we are rolling over badges purchased for 2020 to the next year, with dates of Friday July 30 – Sunday August 1, 2021 at the Coralville Marriott in Coralville, IA. Artist Alley and Dealers booths will also be immediately rolled over. We will have more details on refund options later, so please keep an eye on our website and social media for details as we finalize them. 

Reservations made through the Coralville Marriott will be automatically cancelled on their end. The deposits for rooms that had been scheduled to be taken from credit cards on  June 1, will not be pulled. If you made a reservation at any of the surrounding hotels, it will be your responsibility to cancel your own reservation.  

 Panels and photoshoots will need to be resubmitted for AnimeIowa 2021 when we reopen submissions for those.

The AnimeIowa 2020 Executive Committee