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Guide Book

You can have the Anime Iowa program guide at your fingertip with a simple download.

In addition to smartphones, you can view the Anime Iowa programming schedule on any computer or web enabled device.

If you spot any errors in the Guidebook, feel free to email

Other @ Con Fun!

Room Guide/Location

Hotel confusing to walk through? Hopefully this little map here can help you! Never get lost!

Programing Schedule

The schedule contains all the schedule of events for all three days of the convention. Any changes may make it to the website but be sure to take a look at the social medias (especially discord) just in case!

Vendor List & Marketplace Maps

Looking for goods??? Come on down to the marketplace and shop from our wonderful vendors.

Map of the Marketplace. Find the vendors you are dying to shop from!

Photo Shoots

Have a group photo shoot your interested in joining? Make sure you don’t miss it even if you lose your program book! Here is the schedule for the photo shoots!

Video Rooms

Video rooms are where you can watch anime around the clock at the convention free of charge. Re-watch your favorite shows or discover new shows. The schedule will indicate which are anime subtitled and which are dubbed in English. Grab some friends and you can have a watch party, but in person instead of on the net. Anime viewed on your tv or laptop just isn’t the same as
watching with other fans. Check out a sampling of anime on screen thru out the weekend.

Tabletop Games & Video Games

Fan and games at the convention! An excellent mesh of tabletop board, Card trading, and live action. Tabletop Gaming offers a variety of anime and non-anime related games for our attendees to participate in. Who said games were for kids?

Come in, find a game and grab a controller. Video gaming may have started small

Video gaming and Anime Iowa Convention, they go together. What games and tournaments can you expect to see in the Video Gaming room this year? let us know what you would like to see at or join the conversation on social media.