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AnimeIowa is dedicated to ensuring that all of our attendees are able to enjoy our convention to the fullest extent possible. To that end, we have taken the following steps to universal design. Please feel welcome to contact us at if you have any needs that are not currently being met, and we will do our best to make sure your convention experience is fulfilling.

  • Vision:
    • A number of free AnimeIowa magnifiers will be available at the Info Desk for use
    • Which anime is shown dubbed or in original Japanese with subtitles will be marked on the video schedule
  • Mobility:
    • Important measurements:
      • The length of the main hallway, from the lobby to the Marketplace, is 757ft/230.73m, with chairs available at various points along its length
      • Upstairs doorways are 35″/87.5cm wide
      • Carpet depth both upstairs and downstairs averages 0.75 inches/2cm thick; the carpet along the main hallway has mildly variable textures in places
    • Attendees with mobility issues will be allowed into the Anime Marketplace at the same time as Sponsors, Military personal, and Staff, which is half an hour before general attendee access.
    • Attendees with mobility issues can contact us ahead of time via to arrange to skip the line to pick up their badge at the Registration Help Desk rather than waiting in line.
    • Wheelchair spaces will be blocked out in each program room to allow space for wheelchair users to sit.
    • A changing station will be set up in Cosplay Central for cosplayers to change their costumes. Please do not use the handicap access stalls in the restrooms. There are others who need the stalls for the purpose they were designed for. Additionally, signs will be placed outside public restrooms to alert cosplayers to the existence of the changing room and it’s location in the hotel.
    • Attendees will be notified at Opening Ceremonies where the stairs are leading to the upper floors of the Hotel. Those who wish to use them can successfully locate them and potentially free up elevator space for those who need to use them.
    • Accessibility Passes will be issued on site to attendees with mobility issues. Anyone else who has a mobility concern may request an Accessibility Pass. Those requests will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
      • The accessibility passes will allow the bearer and one other person, PCA or otherwise, to skip any and all lines managed by AnimeIowa, as well as early access to panel rooms.
      • Mobility Passes will be marked with the holder’s badge number and are non-transferable. They can be requested ahead of time via e-mail to, and picked up with the attendee’s badge. If required, they can also be issued on site.
  • Equipment and Assistants:
    • Equipment required by attendees to attend the convention does not need to be peace marked.
    • Those attendees who need Personal Care Assistants in order to attend the convention are encouraged to contact the Registration Department ( and/or the Accessibility Department (, either prior to the convention or on-site at the Registration Help Desk; PCAs are subject to the same rules and will use the same badge-type as children ages four and under
    • AnimeIowa welcomes service animals; attendees will be asked at Opening Ceremonies to approach the human handler for permission before interacting with service animals
    • For 2021, Emotional Support Animals will be allowed with a note from a doctor. Please read this document before bringing your ESA to AnimeIowa.
  • Hearing:
    • Signs to direct panelists to use the microphone will be posted outside panel rooms and available at the Info Desk.
    • Attendees will be asked at Opening Ceremonies to use the microphone when hosting panels and given quick guidelines on how to properly use them.
    • Which anime is shown with subtitles or without will be marked on the video schedule
  • Volunteering:
    • AnimeIowa provides a number of fantastic prizes for volunteers and is virtually always in need of more help. To that end, we endeavor to make volunteering an option for all attendees:
      • People with low vision can volunteer at Peace Marking, where large-print copies of the prop/weapons policy will be available for you to follow along with attendees
      • People with limited mobility can volunteer anywhere seating is available! This includes, but is not limited to: Badge checking, Registration, and Info Desk
      • Deaf/hard of hearing people can check badges
  • Allergies and Immune Responses:
    • A list of near-by restaurants will be available at the Info Desk
    • No-contact hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the hotel
  • Other:
    • For any other concerns that haven’t been covered by this policy, please contact, and we will do our best to make accommodations!

Anime Iowa’s Accessibility Initiative is always looking for ways to improve. We appreciate input from any attendees or potential attendees regarding what would make our convention more welcoming. If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism to offer, please contact us at AnimeIowa will also have surveys available to fill out for you to share your opinions with us.