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Friday Panel Descriptions

MainStafe (Coral C)

Programming 1 (Coral D)

All Shonen Anime are Connected?!
Dragon and Alyssa 1:45pm Pro 1
Most popular Shonen anime can be placed
in the same world in a timeline of events
and we have connected the dots!

Witch Hat Atelier: Art Through Magic
Eternalstarlight, Foxcrofty, & Everdreams 3:00pm Pro 1
Join the world of Witch Hat Atelier, where
art is magic.

Cosplay for Spoonies
Vallyn and Adrian – Prismatic Cosplay 4:00pm Pro 1
Tips for cosplay with chronic, mental,
or invisible illnesses: time management,
organization, using mobility aides and
medical devices, etc.

Programming 2 (Coral E)

Braneworms and LuckyPupCosplay 1:00pm Pro 2
Think you’re familiar with D&D monsters?
Join our drawing game as have you draw
them from their monster descriptions!

Teyvat Trivia
Vallyn and Adrian 2:15pm Pro 2
How well do you know Genshin Impact?
From hidden lore to beloved characters to
game mechanics, our trivia covers it all!
We have prizes!

Wee -a- boomer trivia
Chelsey 3:30pm Pro 2
Do you miss the good old days of toonami
like inuyasha, yu yu hakusho,& sailor
moon? Then join us & test your knowledge
of “old” anime

Incendiary NPCs 9:00pm Patio
“Everything changed when the Fire Nation
attacked!” Experience this combustible
performance by Incendiary NPCs and join
us on the patio as the invasion begins. Will
Anime Iowa be ready?

Programming 3 (Oakdale 3)

Iowa Pokemon League
Seoulkat, Dib, Brood Mother and Str-Ogre 1:15pm Pro 3
Do you think you are the very best? Well
come try your luck against the Iowa
Pokemon League! 8 gyms to face! Can you
beat us all? S/V Vers.

Six Degrees of Shinji Ikary
Doctor Vox and Fwee 2:30pm Pro 3
The world of anime is complicated, and any two things can be connected by six links if you look close enough… or you can lie well enough!

Ball Jointed Doll Meetup
Ankhensepnamun and Bridget 3:45pm Pro 3
Whether you are new to BJDS or already
have them, this is a time to hangout, see
some dolls up close, and chat about BJDs.

Name That OST!
Minty 5:00pm Pro 3
Whether it’s on your anime workout
playlist or a video game jingle you can’t
get out of your head, you may hear it in
the Name That OST! panel! Join us for
our second year as you listen to anime and
video game soundtrack clips and guess to
win prizes!

How to Build Insane Props
CMD Studios 6:30pm Pro 3
Introduction to making insane props using
of CAD such as 3D printers, laser cutters,
cnc routers, and 3D modeling!

Swap Meet
Stephanie and Chelsey 8:15pm Pro 3
Have merch, toys, games, collectables, or
items that are looking for a new home?
Come on in to see what items you can grab
in exchange!

Otome Gaming 101
Maid Sakura and Helena 9:30pm Pro 3
All about Otome games! Getting started
in the genre, recommendations, and all our
favorite characters!

Simp For This or Simp For That [18+]
Frenchie and Crimson 10:45pm Pro 3
What characters and features make you
simp? Who are tops or bottoms? Who
is the hottest in anime? Join the Weekly
Weebs and make it known!

Doujin Mad-Libs [18+]
WhoWhatWaifus 12:00am Pro 3
Help us create some terrible translations.
We’ve blocked out some choice words
from several doujins to be filled in by the

Plural Zedds’ H-Panel [18+]
Zummy LoDN #Q and Zelda 1:15am Pro 3
A baka filled H-panel for adults only!
Zelda & Zummy will cover some favs,
some flops, and over the tops! 2 dongs! 1
man! All hentai!

Programming 4 (Oakdale 5)

My Hero Madness
Mystix.Cosplays 12:00pm Pro 4
The heroes, villains, and vigilantes of My
Hero Academia have all come together to
create chaos!

Massive Miku Meetup
GreedGutz, King.rxdsxils, anarchic.cos and mika.decora1:15pm Pro 4
Attention Miku fans/cosplayers! Come
join Miku… and Miku… and even
more Mikus for a dance party, games,
performances, and a photoshoot!

The Katsuki Bakugo Appreciation Hour
You’ve Been Waiting For

EscapeJaeger 3:00pm Pro 4
No way! A whole panel dedicated to Lord
Explosion Murder himself? Well, come
find out!

The Wind is Rising
Dr. Paul Price 4:15pm Pro 4
Miyazaki loves airplanes. This film tells the
story of dreams of death and the death of
dreams. And time for a final glass of wine.

Intro to TTRPGs (D&D, Pathfinder, and more!)
Braneworms and LuckyPupCosplay 5:30pm Pro 4
Ever been interested in Tabletop games?
Thought that things were too scary to look
into on your own? We are here to help you
get started!

Short Anime That You Can Fly Thru
Remy and Cheyenne 6:45pm Pro 4
Whether just one season or short episodes,
these anime are quick to finish or get
caught up on over a weekend! Come
discuss favorites.

Airbrushing 101
CosmicRobin 8:00pm Pro 4
Want to step up your cosplay with
airbrushing? Then this is the panel for you!
Come learn the basic of airbrushing for
fabric and props

Bambi 9:15pm Pro 4
Some anime openings are more memorable
than others but can you name that OP?

The “Garzey’s Wing Abridged” Picture Show
Senmurv and Dali-Lamb 10:30pm Pro 4
Come experience a Rifftastic presentation
of “Garzey’s Wing!” Props and guidance
provided, laughs guaranteed!

Stranger Things Sleepover
Pippin Panic 12:45am Pro 4
Steve and Robin are having a sleepover,
and you kids are invited to join in on the
activities. Don’t do anything stupid and you
should be fine.