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Artist Application

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Max 24 characters
Prices are subject to change
I am looking at reworking the Marketplace and maybe reducing the volume of vendors to open the room a bit more. If I do so the cost of the booths will go up.
Total count of booths only. Badges not accounted for here. Additional booths are discounted.
Marketplace badges are $40 each until you reach at door. Then cost goes up.
Required to vend with AnimeIowa. If you are in the process of obtaining one please just note that in the comments at the bottom of the appplication.
Only used in case of trouble/emergency at the convention.
Can use multiple, but please in short word form. Example: Swords, 2D art, 3D art, Figures, Kimono, Metal, Glass, Fashion, Dice, Slime, Accessories, Trading Cards, Games, Food, Plush. This is to be use for me to try and not have like booths together in the room. Short and sweet wins here.
Show me your goods please. Booth displays can help, but I also use this to screen for bootleg and diversity for the room. This link may be used to promote you on the website later as well.
Optional use. More visual for myself/ others to use when selecting vendors as well as might be used on our website.
What do you specializes in? What sets you apart from others? What might be a proud detail you could share about your company/goods?
Do you sell 18+ goods?
We are a family friendly convention, however 18+ goods are ok with restrictions and respect to everyone. Rules are outlined in our policy packets available online or by email request.
Will you be sharing your booth with another vendor?
Upon selecting yes a new field will unlock to obtain their information.
Would you be interested in
Anime Iowa choses a different Charity in our community each year to raise money to support with the help of our mazing attendees and vendors. As well we try and find great prizes to offer to attendees that spend their con time supporting our staff and helping us help the con run. If you select any of these, upon acceptance into the Marketplace, your email will be shared with those necessary for what you selected. We want to thank you for your support.