Guests Update

We have a quick update to our guests roster for AnimeIowa 2013. We are happy to announce that we will be hosting Chuck Huber, Peter Pixie, Jad Saxton, and David Wald. Learn more about these individuals at our Guests page. Believe it or not we have even more guests we are waiting to announce.

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AMV Contest Submissions Now Open

For all you AMV editors out there, submissions to the AnimeIowa 2013 AMV Contest are now open. The deadline for the contest is July 12th, 2013. Submission details and rules can be found at the AMV Contest page.

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Anime Marketplace Delays

A notice to those concerned, some groups have expressed concern due to lack of response from the Anime Marketplace submissions. These delays have been due to health concerns with the group lead. They wish to express that this is not an excuse and sincerely apologize for the delays. Additional assistance has been brought in the past few weeks to deal with the backlog of requests for the Anime Marketplace. Feel free to send inquiries if you still have concerns. The Staff at AnimeIowa all appreciate your patience in this matter.

Art Exhibit Sign-up Open

For those of you who are unaware, the Art Exhibit is where artists can submit their art for public display and competition at AnimeIowa. The rules and sign-up details are now available on the Art Exhibit page. If you have any questions be sure to contact

AMV Contest Announcement

A quick announcement concerning the AnimeIowa 2013 AMV Contest. Submissions to the contest shall open May 10th, 2013 and run until July 12th, 2013. Be sure to start working early on your submissions. The contest rules for 2013 have no yet been finalized but will be posted in the coming weeks, last year’s rules are still available for reference. For more information be sure to check out the AMV Contest page or email

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Guests for 2013

Greetings everyone. You will be happy to know that we are ready to announce our first batch of guests for AnimeIowa 2013! For this year we are excited to have Robert Axelrod, Greg Ayres, Trevor Mueller, Pillows cover band The Pillowcases, Mimiru Riley, Tyson Rinehart, Sarah Sullivan, and Young Wang. More guests to be confirmed at a later date. Learn more about these people on the Guests page.

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Volunteer Information Meeting May 18th

Are you interested in volunteering at AnimeIowa 2013? Then you may be interested in joining us at the Volunteer Information Meeting. The meeting will take place May 18th, 2013 at 4 p.m. at the Coralville Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. All the project leaders will be on hand to talk about their various departments, give you an idea of what their department does and what they need volunteers for! If you’ve thought about volunteering and just weren’t sure that it was for you, this meeting will give you a chance to actually talk to the staff and find out what kinds of jobs you can do. You don’t have to be a certain age to volunteer, nor do you need to have prior volunteer experience.

Volunteers are the blood of this convention. We can’t run Anime Iowa without you. This meeting is NOT mandatory. If you can not make the meeting, that’s perfectly fine. Just come visit the merry band of volunteer staff in the volunteer booth!

For more information be sure to check out the Volunteers page or the Volunteer thread on the forum. If you have any questions or simply want to express your interest in Volunteering, simply email

Rooms at the Coralville Marriott Hotel are Sold Out!

The AnimeIowa 2013 Room Block at the Marriott is full as of 3/13/2013!  Please CLICK HERE if you’d like to sign up for our Hotel Room Waiting List.

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Hotel Reservations Start Monday, March 11th

Are you ready?  It’s time to make your hotel reservations for AnimeIowa 2013!  Our room block at the Coralville Marriott opens for reservations at 10:00 a.m. on March 11, 2013.  Even though we’ve reserved all available rooms for our convention attendees, we historically fill the ENTIRE hotel in just 2-5 days!  So please act promptly to ensure that you lock in your on-site room before they’re gone.

All the information you need is posted HERE on the AnimeIowa Forums, along with helpful links to our Hotel Reservation FAQs and Roomie-finding threads.  The AnimeIowa Hotel Team recommends that you make your reservation in the first 1-2 days to ensure that you get an on-site hotel room.  A on-site room is one of the best ways to maximize your AnimeIowa 2013 convention time and fun.

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Mainstage Cosplay Sign-up Open

Attention cosplayers, the rules and sign-up for the AnimeIowa 2013 Mainstage Cosplay event are now posted. Now is a good time to plan out your Cosplay presentation to preparation for competition or exhibition. Check out details on the Mainstage Cosplay page. If you have any questions or concerns email

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