The 2017 AnimeIowa Marketplace is open for Applications!

Back one last time before the move – Come Merchants, come Artists and join us in the AnimeIowa Marketplace!

All the information you need is in the downloadable Merchant or Artist Packet.  

Once you read the packet download the Application, fill it out (per the instructions) in Adobe Reader DC, and send it in.

Come to AnimeIowa and the Dark Carnival of Pigs for a grandstand of a farewell to the Marriott!

Registration News

Are you ready to return to the madness that is AnimeIowa?

Are you ready to dive into the wonderful pool of fun and frolic?

Are you ready to experience the Dark Carnival of Pigs?

We hope so, because REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

That’s right!  You can now register by mail or on-line, and if you do it in December then you get a special discount!

All of the details are here:  All of the Details

Thank You For An Amazing AnimeIowa 2016!

It barely feels like a year has come and gone since we started working on the preparations for AnimeIowa 2016 – AnimeIowa Levels Up!, and now the convention is already over. So as we wrap up this year’s convention and begin to prepare for the next, we just want to take the time to say

“Thank You!”

Thank you to our wonderful staff, without whom we wouldn’t be able to run this convention. Together we overcame challenges, but in the end you did a phenomenal job in keeping things going. So let us say: we did it!
Thank you to our amazing volunteers, who helped us with tasks that ranged from the mundane to the insane. You are the unsung heroes of the convention. For all your help you have our gratitude.
Thank you to the many talented Guests of Honor, who came and rocked the convention. Without your works, out there every day, we would not have a reason to Celebrate Anime and Asian culture.
Thank you to our artists, merchants, and photographers, who have ensured that attendees and staff got to take home a piece of AnimeIowa 2016 and its memories in one way or another.

And finally,

Thank you to our enthusiastic attendees. It is your love of anime and Japanese culture that has kept this convention going twenty AnimeIowa’s strong. We are so grateful of the support shown to AI by those attending past and present; you are truly the best attendees that any convention could ask for.

So while we are closing out AnimeIowa 2016, do not fear, for we are leveling up once more for our twenty-first con! So please come join us next year on July 28-30, 2017 back here at the Coralville Marriott, where you can journey into our next theme of the Dark Carnival of Pigs!

– The AnimeIowa 2016 Executive Team

Feedback Form is Ready!

Did you attend AnimeIowa 2016?  Please let us know how we did and how we can improve!  All you need to do is fill out the anonymous feedback form and submit it to our diligent tabulating panda (or just click on the Submit button).  We value your feedback and will use it to make next year even better.


Feedback Form




AnimeIowa uses Guidebook as its on-line interactive guide for the convention.  You can view the guide on your Android, iPhone, tablet, or computer  The easiest way to get the guide is to use the QR code below and go directly to the guide!

Or, you can browse to  and search for “AnimeIowa 2016”.  Be sure to select the OFFICIAL guide as there may be a shadow lurking out there — the official guide is oddly enough the guide with the dates 7.9.16 through 8.31.16!  DO NOT LOAD the guide with dates of 7.29 – 7.31!

Better yet, use this code:

QR Code

AnimeIowa Pokemon Go Gym Leader Challenge!

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, and AnimeIowa is no exception. The Marriott Hotel is lucky enough to have two Gyms and a plethora of Pokéstops  just outside along the Iowa River Landing Sculpture walk. We invite con-goers to compete over control of those two gyms, and will offer badges to any players who manage to get their gym up to level 10. And starting at 10 a.m. on Friday the first two players to be the leaders of either gym when it gets to level 10 will be named that gym’s Official Leader and get a free t-shirt! Stop by the Pokémon Go desk next to the AnimeIowa Info Desk to learn more, and grab a piece of Pidgey candy.

For more information, please see the forum thread!

Vote NOW for the 2016 Forum MVBs (Most Valuable Boardies)!

If you’ve visited the AnimeIowa Forums this year, you already know that the members are wonderfully helpful and friendly!  So it’s time to show our most outstanding Boardies (Forum members) how much we appreciate them.  Vote this weekend for our AnimeIowa 2016 Most Valuable Boardie Awards!  Visit the Forums for full details and voting information.  Thank you very much for helping us celebrate these amazing individuals!

Special Attendance by Alan Scholting of Cosplay Culture Magazine

Guess who is joining us?

Award-Winning writer and founder of Synester Saints Entertainment, Alan Scholting is a true fanboy turned professional. The 15-year veteran of conventions and cosplay has made Alan a go-to source for various companies within the world of Pop-Culture. Currently, Alan serves as the Editor-at-Large for the world’s premiere cosplay magazine, Cosplay Culture. In addition, he can also be found alongside the globally renowned Ink-Fusion Empire functioning as the writer and guest relations manager for the organization. As a columnist, he has had the pleasure of interviewing everyone from WWE superstars and Hall of famers, to living legends like Stan Lee and Oscar / Emmy winners like Greg Nicotero. His fiction writing has spanned over several different mediums including comic books and short stories. In mid-2014, Mr. Scholting was awarded the E.M. Koeppel Story of Distinction for his short story Whiskey Sours. Alan resides in Illinois with his wife, two children, and enormous comic book collection

Marketplace Paid Services Policy 2016

With the many advances of technology (for example photography) many changes have occurred. These services in the past were utilized by a select group of hobbies/professions because of the cost factor, but now are used by many many people for fun and for profit.

There are many who are offering services at AnimeIowa which include Photo shoots, commissions, and costumes. These services are great, but they also must keep in the confines of Iowa law for sales of goods and services.

AnimeIowa has in place a policy to include these services in the convention experience. Please review the Marketplace Paid Services Policy 2016 and address any questions to:

AnimeIowa Micro-Fiction Story Contest

Tell us your fictional, AnimeIowa story in 100 words or less! Micro-Fiction is a very abbreviated story that is often difficult to write, and even harder to write well. Ernest Hemingway mastered this in his 6 word micro-story: “For Sale: Baby shoes. Never Worn.”  Be our AnimeIowa Micro-Story Master and win Prizes!! Details Here:,10399.0.html