Mini Festival: A Doll, Figure, and Model Contest

Both advanced craftsmen and beginners alike can enter their Dolls, Model Kits, Gunpla, Figure Kits and more. Any age can enter! Our distinguished panel of judges will decide on the winners in multiple categories. Awesome prizes will be awarded.

For rules and entry form, please see

Have fun!

AnimeIowa 2016 Hotel Room Block Announcements

Hello, all! We’re hoping the new year has started off on the right foot for you, and we have a little something to help keep that enthusiasm going. The Hotel Team is glad to present room blocking announcements for 2016!

All current information can be found in the forums, linked below, and we’re glad to stand by for any questions we may not have covered there. Anything you need can be sent to aiDOThotelATgmailDOTcom!

AnimeIowa 2016 Hotel Reservation Instructions

AnimeIowa 2016 Hotel FAQ Thread

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xmas buusmall

Not a creature was stirring… except in the Marketplace!

Just in time for the Holidays! Nestled snugly in the Events tab is the doorway to fame, fortune, and…

The event you have been waiting for…

The 2016 AnimeIowa Anime Marketplace is open for applications!

xmas buusmall

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Registration Roll-over

Attention all 2015 attendees who requested their registrations be to rolled over to 2016!!!!!!!!


Please contact the the Registration Department ASAP by sending an email to



Panel Submissions are Open!

We’ve gone from Cyber Monday to AI Tuesday!  Not only is registration open, but you can also submit your ideas for panels now!  Please use the Events menu to go to the Panel Submission page and submit your idea.  We can’t promise that it will be accepted, but we can promise that it will be given fair and careful consideration.  We really do appreciate everyone’s creativity and you know what a fun bunch of people we are, so what have you got to lose?

AnimeIowa Registration is Open!

Tis the Season to Register for AnimeIowa 2016! Once again we are offering a holiday rate of $40 from December 1st thru Dec. 31st. Keep watching for more updates to the website and the Forums! We look forward to seeing you all again in July!


Things have started happening for 2016!

VECTORBUUSHIRTREVISEDHey everyone, your humble host Buu-chan here!

Just want to let everyone know that your execs and staff are already hard at work to bring you the best AnimeIowa ever in 2016!  Go check out the Guests page, for example!

We’ll be rolling out new information and updating pages on this website, so be sure to look for changes in the upcoming weeks.  And don’t forget to visit the forums, where you can get in on the discussions and make your voice heard.  Speaking of being heard, you should also look into becoming staff and REALLY make an impact on the success of the convention.

That’s all for now, gotta go clean my costumes!

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Feedback Form Submissions End August 31

We really appreciate your feedback, it helps us make the convention a better place for everyone!  As we make preparations for planning AnimeIowa 2016, we are gathering up all of the feedback, thoughts, wishes, and notes and putting it all together for the execs and staff.  So, we need to close down the feedback submissions on August 31.


If you haven’t already filled out the feedback form, please do so today!

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How Did We Do?

Please leave us feedback on this year’s convention!


Click here to view the feedback page.


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