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Entering the Art Show 2024

What you need to know to enter art in the AnimeIowa 2024 Art Show and Silent Auction Cliff Notes version.

Artworks will not be limited to Anime, Fantasy, or works of Asian influence. All art is eligible and welcome in the show.

  • Details in Brief.
    • The art show is a display and silent auction of the works entered by the artist/agent. The only exception is art works labeled NFS (not for sale) on the bidding tag.
    • The art has to be your own. This means no works derived by tracing or copying existing works of art, even if you make color or slight changes.
    • Dimensional artworks must include a stand or other device which makes the artwork stable.
    • Artworks for hanging must be ready for hanging – mounted, matted or framed with hardware to hang it flat against the grid wall. If it isn’t able to be hung safely, it will not be able to be hung at all.
    • Small art works must be secured so they can’t easily be pocketed. The Art Show is monitored during viewing hours, and locked when closed to attendees.
    • The Art Show provides S hooks and Clips for hanging.
    • You may send art works in the mail for entry into the Art Show. The package you send to us needs to include –
      • A copy of the completed paperwork, your ready to hang art work(s),
      • The addressed return packaging
      • And a check or money order for the correct postage to mail back your art should it not sell.
    • If you are leaving before noon on Sunday, you can supply addressed packaging and a check or money order for the correct postage. We will mail back your art should it not sell. Do not affix the postage to the package. If the art does sell we will mail you back the check or money order along with your payment.
    • Your unsold art can not be removed from the Art Show before Sunday Noon. If you are not going to be here at noon or after you can include the return packaging as described above for its return.
    • All paperwork must be filled out completely before your artwork(s) are accepted.
    • The Art Show will put your contact/business cards out for attendees should you send them.
  • The dates:
    • Mail entries must be mailed on or after July 10th and must be received by July 25th, to ensure they arrive time for the convention setup.
    • The mailing address is in the Submission Guidelines. (Hint to read the Guidelines)
    • If bringing the art works to the convention on Thursday during convention set up, take them to the Clark meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Hyatt. Thursday submission hours are 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
    • On Friday you may bring your art to submit from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Please note that the show will be open after 3:00 PM, so you will need to be mindful of attendees viewing the show.
    • And On Saturday, late submissions will be accepted (space allowing) from 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM.
  • The Pricing for hanging space is listed in the Art show guidelines paperwork. (Another hint to read the Submission Guidelines.)
  • The paperwork consists of The Anime Iowa 2024 Art show Submission Guidelines, The Artists Information sheet, the Art control sheet, a sheet of bidding tags to make copies of for your art, and the Fan Art Waiver.
  • Any artworks not picked up and do not include packaging and postage for return mail will become the property of Anime Iowa. The art will not be sold by AI for profit. It will be used as incentives, charitable donations, or volunteer prizes at the next year’s convention.
  • Tips for entering:
    • Bring extra hardware (hook & wire, etc.) for hanging in case yours breaks.
    • Read and pay attention to information printed in Bold. Not reading might lead to surprises.
    • You must sign the Fanart Waiver and include it with your completed paperwork.
    • Pay attention to the section on Artist’s Agent. You must include the additional paperwork specified in the section.

Again the above is the cliff notes version of the packet. Like it says above, if you read the entire submission guidelines and fill out all required paperwork – there shouldn’t be any surprises of the unlucky kind.

PDF files to print or download