IA Concert and Questionnaire

Are you excited to see IA at AnimeIowa? If you haven’t marked your calendars yet, she will be having a film concert on Saturday, July 13 starting at 2:00PM in Mainstage A! So come and show your love for IA and her music.

To celebrate, 1st PLACE has a special questionnaire that you can answer before the convention and the first thirty people to respond will also receive a special gift which can be picked up at the 1st PLACE booth or in front of Mainstage A before the concert.
You can fill out the questionnaire here: https://forms.gle/665PJtnGzpJK4ziL9

From our staff at AnimeIowa and the team at 1st PLACE, we look forward to seeing you there!

Special Events from AnimeIowa Labs

This year, AnimeIowa Labs is inviting AnimeIowa attendees, guests, and staff to help research a brand new vaccine for Con Plague. Many regular convention attendees will already be familiar with the symptoms: Lethargy, groaning, shuffling about, and inexplicable odors similar to unwashed human flesh, all of which render us yet more vulnerable to the horrors of reality in this post-apocalyptic world. AnimeIowa Labs is looking forward to advancing the course of science, and would like to assure everyone that the vaccine is totally and completely safe, with no risk of mutation or infection.

How can you can help us research a cure for Con Plague at AnimeIowa?

  • Join Buu-Chan and fellow scientists in a special scavenger hunt to find important vaccine components!
  • Help synthesize the cure for this mysterious affliction in our apocalyptic escape rooms!
  • Test the vaccine itself and overcome or relapse by participating in our ongoing convention-wide infection game!

For full details and to participate, come to the AnimeIowa 2019 convention!

Convention Photographers wanted

Capturing the Post*a*pig*alyptic town of Des Moines Iowa is Photojournalist Buu Chan

AnimeIowa needs 2 to 4 people with photography experience to take photographs during the upcoming convention. AnimeIowa supplies the equipment, you supply the expertise.

What do you get in exchange for your skill at composition in capturing our event in the digital format? You give us 12 hours of your weekend over the 3 days starting on Friday. We give you a weekend pass to the convention.

You get to go places and meet people and have a whole new kind of convention experience. It’s a great way for anyone who is serious about photography to add to their resume. You will meet cosplayers who love to have photos taken. See events that need to be saved and shared. There is no down side to it.

If you are interested email for more information to our Social Media department at socialmedia@animeiowa.com today.

Less than 12 hours left to get your AnimeIowa Hotel room at the Special Convention pricing – Hurry

The lowest priced rooms are at the Comfort Inn only a short walk from the Iowa Events Center.  At $124.95 (Kings and Doubles) it will leave you with more spending money for the Marketplace and Artists Alley.

The Hilton also has rooms available. They run from  $164.00 (Single occupancy in room) and $179.00 (Double, Triple or Quad occupancy in double room) There you can leave your room, step onto the elevator and ride down to the 2nd floor and the convention’s Night Time Programming.

It all disappears at 11:59 pm tonight and unlike the girl who dropped the glass slipper at midnight, nothing will bring those prices back.

Guest Announcement: Greg Ayres

We are pleased to announce that Greg Ayres will be returning as a Guest of Honor for AnimeIowa 2019!

Greg Ayres has been blasting his way through 2019! With over 290 credits to his name, he has managed to play a variety of characters that are almost as colorful as his hair. He was thrilled to make his second appearance in the DragonBall universe in DragonBall Super as Frost, and equally excited blasting bugs as Geo in Sony Picture’s Starship Troopers : Traitor of Mars. Some other recent roles include Jiro in Concrete Revolutio, Sho Utsumi in SSSSGridman, Ryuuou Edogawa in Doreiku, Koji Koda in My Hero Academia, and even makes an appearance as Popuko in Pop Team Epic. He is proud to be a part of the new “Pink Harvest” productions for Sentai Filmworks, in the roles of Izumi Sena in Lovestage, and  Yabase in Hitorijime My Hero. This year he was also given the opportunity to reprise one of his all time favorite roles as Son Goku in Saiyuki Reload Blast. Some other recent favorites include Nagisa Haruki in Free, and Free Eternal Summer, MonoKuma in Danganronpa, Clear in Dramatical Murder, and Doug in Gangsta, Yu Nishinoya in Haikyu, Zenji Marui in Food Wars, Ganta Igarashi in Deadman Wonderland, Heihachi Hayashida in Samurai 7,  and Kouichi Sakakibara in Another. Some of his all-time favorite roles include Son Goku in Saiyuki, Chrono in Chrono Crusade, Kaoru Hitachiin in Ouran High School Host Club, Youhei Sunohara in Clannad, Yuki in The Wallflower, Leo in Ghost Stories, Satoshi Hiwatari in DNAngel, Kaworu Nagisa in the Director’s Cut of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tomoki Sakurai in Heaven’s Lost Property, and Negi Springfield in Negima.

When he’s not in a booth with headphones on, you can usually find him sporting headphones behind “the decks” at many a music event. A veteran nightclub DJ of many years, he has jumped at the opportunity to play music and organize late night dances at many of the conventions he attends. Greg is also a member of Project BECK, who perform music from the anime Beck Mongolian Chop Squad, and has had a blast reliving the music from that show with his friends. Thrilled to be able to share his love of music with anyone willing to listen – from packed rooms at anime conventions, to the legendary stage of The Knitting Factory (NYC), he’s always ready to make a little noise.

Online Pre-Registration closing Soon – Act now before it’s too Late – And Yes it WORKS!!!!!

No time left to lose I Must Register NOW! Registration is extended to this Sunday June 2nd at 11:59 PM.

If I don’t I will miss the Rave. I will miss the Marketplace and all the Model kits I can buy – ALL the commissions I can get in the Artists Alley. I won’t get an Autograph from J. Michael Tatum or Lauren Landa. I will never get another chance to see TiA and Kohei in concert. And the Panels, the Photo shoots, the POCKIE my head is going to explode I must go. Now if I can get Buu Chan to let me off his head and get him off the computer I can pre-register! (Or someone could just tell the poor puppy he can Register at the Door)

Click the link below to go the the Registration Page for information and a link to the Online Registration Form. Or click the link in the sidebar of this page to go straight to the Online Registration Form.

Go to our Registration Page for details and the link to the Online Registration Form

Do you still need a place to sleep?

For those looking for a good night’s sleep that won’t break the bank, try the Comfort Inn. And if you want the Excitement of the conventions nightlife – plan your stay at the Hilton Downtown Des Moines. Overnight panels, gaming and dancing all night long. It’s the late night con experience you crave.

Guest Announcement: Michelle Clark

The AnimeIowa 2019 Guests Team is pleased to announced Michelle Clark as the Con-Mom of Honor this year. Our Con Parent Project exists to highlight individuals who serve as role models and inspirations to the fandom and community.

Michelle Clark was born in Humbolt IA.  She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has been attending conventions for many years.   Michelle has helped anywhere it has been needed and can be spotted a great deal of the time in the green room for the Masquerade and CosPlay. She has helped with Anime Detour (MN) since 2003, being responsible for the staff that make sure the Consuite runs smoothly, and that the volunteers are taken care of in their Volunteer Consuite. Michelle has previously been a Convention Executive for ICON (our sister convention), being their Cosplay/Masquerade director for many years.  Michelle is a Master Class Costumer, having competed and won many awards for her costuming skills. She has worked for many years with Minneapolis Theater groups as the costumer for many shows. Known as a convention mother to quite a few people Michelle does anything from costuming, to belly dancing, to even running a chocolate ceremony at our sister convention ICON.