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Press Pass

Are you a member of the press? Are you interested in covering an event focused on Japanese anime/manga/culture? Then we would love for you to come check out our convention! Press passes are free but limited in quantity. Should you receive approval for a press pass here are some important rules you will be expected to follow!

AnimeIowa is a family friendly convention, and as such, we ask that you follow all Convention Rules and Policies while you are in attendance. You must also respect any and all restrictions which may be placed on the crew for safety and/or security reasons. Rules and Regulations may be changed at any time for the safety and security of the convention and its attendees without prior notice.


  1. Press must contact AnimeIowa via email prior to the convention in order to be considered for a press pass. Quantities are limited per day. Press who are granted a pass will be able to pick it up at the AnimeIowa Bridge upon arrival.
  2. Check-in and -out with the AnimeIowa Bridge (Benson Room, Second Floor) is required.
  3. All press must be affiliated with an accredited newscaster/publisher or have a substantial online following (YouTubers, online bloggers, etc).
  4. Publication of AnimeIowa coverage must be guaranteed.
  5. Passes are limited to two per contact for one whole day at AnimeIowa. This will allow entry into any public spaces, panels (with panelist permission), and the Marketplace (space permitting).
  6. Any press wishing to cover a large event may do so (space permitting), with the event runner’s permission.
  7. Press may also be escorted by a staff member upon request.
  8. Some spaces within the convention are restricted. These include the cosplay No-Photo Lounge, the Recharge Room, Tech Central, Video Rooms and Consweet. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.
  9. Cosplay Central may be entered with permission from the staff. Cosplay is not consent! AnimeIowa has a zero-tolerance Sexual Harassment Policy. Photography or filming of any cosplayer without permission is prohibited.
  10. Any press wishing to remain for the duration of the convention or have unlimited convention space access must purchase a convention badge. Restricted areas must still be respected.
  11. Approval of a press pass is not guaranteed.
  12. Press passes will not be granted to cosplay photographers, personal blogs, or photo gallery websites.

Please email with the following information to request a press pass:

  • Name
  • Name of additional crew member (if applicable).
  • Affiliation
  • Contact info.
  • Day you wish to attend (list order of preference [eg. 1. Friday, 2. Saturday 3. Sunday]).
  • Sample of your work (optional but recommended). If you have covered AnimeIowa before we would love to see your previous work!
  • What events you would prefer to cover (space permitting). [Optional]

An informational packet will be available at check-in on the Bridge. Any questions can be sent to

We hope to see you at AnimeIowa!