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Attendee Art Contest

Anime Iowa would like to present an opportunity to all!!!


It has come to our attention that our pool of Buu Chan art is getting low and needs refreshing! We would like to reach out to you for help with fixing this issue!!

The fix?

Buu chan art contest to replenish our convention images.

Open to all members of the Con Goers group, the Anime Iowa group, vendors in the Marketplace and staff.

There are several categories we have needs in listed below:

  • 2023 Theme Shirt(Studio Pigli)
  • Badge Art:
  • Website (Social Media)
  • Program Book (cover and internal art)
  • General Goods (stock for future use)

You may enter your Art by sending demo image(s) to

You may select/state a category you are going for within the email, however we reserve the right to select/use it for other categories.

Watermarks for your comfort and security are more than accepted, and in fact encouraged, for submitting.

Just please be sure no details are hidden from us when sending the art with the watermarks. We would appreciate no surprises in the pieces being acquired once selected.

We would definitely appreciate at least some art to be along the theme line, but as we plan to use this all over in the future, it is not a requirement.


  1. Must have a personal email address, First and Last Name, & your Booth Name. Please title the email as “Attendee Art for 2024″
  2. Digital images only will be considered for use in this year’s convention. 
  3. Digital images must be at least 300 dpi and in file formats of png, psd.
  4. Images must be in layers so individual parts of the image may be used independently of the main image. Or you can send the images individually, and one that is the total composition

Should you/your art be accepted, you will be compensated in one of the ways below:

  • Free Badge(s)
  • Free badges(s) for future years
  • Sponsor Badge (Upgrade)
  • Nominal Dollar Value
  • Access to Staff recharge

By entering your art into our competition you are understanding ownership of that piece of work would come under the ownership of Anime Iowa upon Anime Iowa compensating for the work in one of the ways above.

We will first contact you to note that you have won, which category, and the compensation package(s) available to you. (may receive an option or many options pending category(s) won or how many total pieces Anime Iowa would like to adopt from you.

We will also let you know what formats and sizing requirements we will need for the art to be accepted in its final form if anything needs adjusted beyond a watermark removal.

Due By December 31st 2023

Thank you so much,
From the Anime Iowa Team

Buu chan:

1 Theme specificate,.  (Note – our convention is family friendly, so keep it pg  and below)

2. Cosplaying as some of your favorite anime characters (Remember Buu chan must still be a Japanese pot belly pig – which is parody art). This includes chibi figures.

3.  Buu chan in traditional Japanese dress from any era or folklore.

Please note that Buu chan has some features which are unique to him.  look at other Buu chan art on the site and note his eyes, nose and face shape.  

Non Buu chan:

1.  Misc.  Images of a Japanese theme which do not contain Buu chan.  This is your chance to think out of the box.


Based on Anime Iowa cannon, he is a BBQ chef with an obsession for Pork BBQ.  He is the Villain to Buu chan’s Hero.  He wears the official white double breasted chef’s jacket, sometimes he sports a chef’s hat, and he wields a spatula and a grilling fork.  He also has a menacing grin.

2022 Winner @itsmandymo

2022 Winner @aschellerbooks