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Concerts and Dances

Anime Iowa is pleased, proud and a little bit nerdy to present in concert

The Shake Ups

The Shake Ups are an award-winning, Midwestern-based power-pop band that plays songs about animated series and pop culture! For more than a decade, The Shake Ups have been wowing audiences across the U.S. with hook-laden sing-along tunes, colorful cosplays and a multimedia presentation. The band has released several collections of critically lauded original music tributes to animated series (Scooby Doo, Voltron, Steven Universe) and performs a variety of classic cartoon themes (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Powerpuff Girls, The Jetsons, ThunderCats, Teen Titans, and the aforementioned Scooby Doo, among others). Nuvo’s annual reader’s poll awarded The Shake Ups with the title of ‘Best Pop Band’ for three consecutive years, and in 2022 the band received the award for ‘Best Original Song’ from New Jersey Webfest. The group’s concerts are aptly described as Saturday morning cartoon-fueled extravaganzas. The Shake Ups continue to build on their reputation as a primary force in the independent music community and among fans of animation and pop culture. The Shake Ups are professional crowd pleasers… and the galaxy’s most animated band!
Press Quotes:
“Power pop songs about cartoons and pop culture! Fun, catchy and great… If you like comics or cartoons, you’re going to love The Shake Ups!”
-Hop On Power Pop

With over 5 years of crowd pleasing experience welcome to the sounds of DJ killAvolt


My main area of expertise is curating sets from existing music in a way
where each song is mashed up with the next, while allowing it all to
still flow well from beginning to end and fit as closely as possible to
the alotted time. I’ll include a SoundCloud link to my most recent mix I
recorded in this style below so you can get an idea of what I mean:

killAvolt has traveled from Des Moines, IA to venues such as The Royal Grove in Lincoln, NE and The Loft @ Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. He has played music festivals such as Field Trip and Bassland, and shared the stage with such artists as Must Die!, Severe, Kleavr, Ruvlo, RZRKT, Louiejayxx, Ray Volpe.