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Anime Iowa working with the community. We have several ways in which your business can become involved with the convention. 

Donating your company’s branded coupons to give out to our attendees at the convention.

Advertising in our program book is another great way to support Anime Iowa convention and your company/shop.  Your ad will reach our attendees and let them know what your business has to offer.  It can open the door for new customers who otherwise wouldn’t know where to find you both online and in person.  Your ad can include coupon codes, as another draw.  Examples of companies that would benefit from advertising are, fabric and crafts, hardware, art supplies and restaurant/snack shops just to name a few.

Direct donation of money, supplies or merchandise help to run the many projects within the convention.   Direct donations are a way to supplement the overhead costs and allow the convention to give the attendees more programs, panels and cultural entertainment.  And our It will help to keep our convention accessible to those with disabilities.  Best of all our attendees will know who has made this possible.  Your name and company or shop name will be mentioned in pre-convention social media, in our program book and as a shoutout during the convention’s opening ceremonies.  

Package Sponsorships let you or your company support a specific event or area of the convention.  Sponsorships are used to provide many different items for the convention such as merchandise for non-staff volunteers who do tasks for the convention over the weekend.  Merchandise like plush, figurine(s), video games, and anime shows are purchased through wholesalers.  Your such sponsorship may be used for trophies and prizes for contests such as the Cosplay Masquerade.  We even have a specialized department who arrange special surprises for our attendees.  Some of the surprise events they have put together in past conventions are shrines, a haunted house, various scavenger hunts and more. 

For more information on how to donate, advertise or sponsor please contact