Pre-registration dates and prices

  • $45 Pre-registration January 1 – February 28
  • $55 Late-registration March 1 – May 20
  • $15 Child Badges for Children ages 6-12, December 1 – May 20
  • Sponsors (December 1 – May 20) $150. Please note that no sponsors badges will be sold at the door during Animeiowa.

Pre-registration will be open until May 20, after that you will have to wait until the convention and register at the door for more.

Register Online
Register by Mail

Be sure to read the Registration and Badge FAQ.

Payment must be received at time of registration. If you are mailing in a form, be sure you are including your payment, check or money order. Do not mail cash. Please do not post-date checks.

Please be aware that registrations are processed by volunteers. There may be a delay in receiving a confirmation that we have received your registration, so please be patient. If you have not received a confirmation near the end of the deadline please feel free to contact us at

Online registration is processed through Paypal. Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to register more than one person at a time with Paypal. Please make sure that you Paypal transaction has completed and that in case any questions about your registration come up you can use the Paypal transaction ID number to help us quickly resolve them.


You can go above and beyond in showing your support for AnimeIowa by becoming a Sponsor. Sponsors are not only extremely appreciated, but they also receive special benefits, . The price for a Sponsor Badge is $150. Please check out the Sponsor page to learn about all the benefits of Sponsorship.

Persons with Disabilities

Anime Iowa is open to anyone who is disabled or requires special assistance, we encourage attendees that need additional considerations to contact us at so we can determine how to best accommodate your needs.