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Saturday Panel Descriptions

Main Stage (Coral C)

Cosplay Contest Orientation
9:00am Mainstage

Japanese Traditional Instruments: Taiko and Shinobue
Tan 10:45am Mainstage
A Japanese cultural presentation about
Taiko drumming and the Japanese
Bamboo flute.

Iron Cosplay
Con Men Productions 12:00pm Mainstage
Can you stand the heat of Cosplay
Stadium? How will the contestants handle
today’s theme and special twist? Who will
reign supreme?

The Anime Game Show Explosion!
Con Men Productions 1:15pm Mainstage
The AGSE! is back with more shenanigans,
more mini games, more trivia, and MORE

Shake Ups Concert
4:15pm Mainstage
The Shake-Ups are professional crowd
pleasers! They’ve got a great show lined up
with music from your favorite shows and
some awesome originals!

6:30pm Mainstage
The Cosplay Masquerade is the place to see
dozens of amazing cosplays! Come check
out talented makers and performers as they
show off their skills.

AnimeIowa’s Dance Party and Light Show
10:00pm Mainstage
AnimeIowa has great music and good vibes
lined up all night! Come enjoy the music
and dance to your heart’s content.

Programming 1 (Coral D)

Anime Alphabet
DT and Z 9:15am Pro 1
Know your anime? Can you complete the
alphabet with anime titles? Walk through
the alphabet with us, and you may win

Midsummer Passion
RaccoonBlitz 10:30am Pro 1
Join Stardust Miracles as they dance with
the upmost passion in their hearts! With
games and many more, join us for an
amazing performance!

How to be Comfortable and Confident
as a Plus Size Cosplayer
the_amazing_jazz_ and Mix

11:45am Pro 1
Join Ajax and Mix as we talk about being
plus size cosplayers. We will share our
8+ years of experiences! Cosplay is for

Cosplay 101
KnightMage 1:00pm Pro 1
Come learn some tips and tricks, the ins
and outs and the ups and downs in the
fun free form discussion all about the
wonderful world of cosplay.

Can We Ship It?
Pippin Panic 2:15pm Pro 1
The Haus of Hades once again brings
you the Midwest’s favorite debate-style
audience participation game: Are these
two randomly generated characters
from completely different franchises

Name that RPG Tune!
Sky Rune and Nikolai 3:30pm Pro 1
RPG Music Lovers rejoice! From oldschool
to modern, western to eastern, AAA
to Indie, if you know the name of the
game, you can win prizes!

Programming 2 (Coral E)

Japanese Traditional Instruments: Shamisen and Koto
Tan 9:00am Pro 2
A Japanese cultural presentation about the
Japanese 13 string zither, Koto, and the 3
string plucked instrument, Shamisen

Animal Crossing New Horizons Meet & Play
Jillyfoo 10:15am Pro 2
Let’s fling open the gates and visit each
other’s pretty islands in AC New Horizons!
Bring your switch game and wish list for

Charity Auction
11:15am Pro 2
The Charity Project at AnimeIowa is about being a good neighbor and giving back to the community.
This year, Anime Iowa is donating to Tanager Place. Their mission is to provide services to children and families that inspire, empower, and heal.
The Mindbridge Foundation will be matching up to $100 of donations made to Tanager Place.

Cafè Ai, an immersive maid cafe
Maid Iris, Maid Ogawa and Maid Sakura 2:30pm Pro 2
Café Ai is a fully immersive maid cafe for
all ages and is inspired by the cosplay cafes
found in the Akihabara district of Tokyo,

Kpop Random Dance
Seven, Maxie and Mason 4:00pm Pro 2
Come dance with us at our 2024 Kpop
Random Dance! New and old songs, Girls
and Boys groups so everyone gets a chance!

Programming 3 (Oakdale 3)

Makeup 101
KnightMage 9:15am Pro 3
Come learn the basics of working with
makeup and other sfx.

EGL Fashion Trivia
Susie and Bonnie 10:30am Pro 3
Test your knowledge of lolita fashion! You
think you can name every brand mascot?
Prove it!

Naughty Nerds Cabaret Meet and Greet
Naughty Nerds Cabaret 11:45am Pro 3
Come meet the sexy performers of the
Naughty Nerds Cabaret as they answer
your burning questions about performing

Getting to an isekai: How you get there matters!
Dr. Paul Price 1:00pm Pro 3
There are only six ways to get to an isekai.
Each way has different implications for the
plot and characters. Let’s explore!

Doll Sewing Time
Ankhensepnamun and Bridget 2:15pm Pro 3
Sew something for your doll/plushi/etc.
All skill levels welcome, supplies, patterns,
and help from experienced sewist panelists

J-Fashion Swap Meet
Susie 4:30pm Pro 3
Bring your clothing and accessories!
Any Japanese fashion style is welcome,
including lolita, jirai kei, fairy kei, gyaru,

A Gamer’s Guide to Dungeon Crawlers
Sean Chiplock 5:45pm Pro 3
Have you ever played a “Dungeon
Crawler”? Curious on how to find one
you’ll like? With the growing popularity
of localized games from Japan, DCs are
becoming more prevalent than ever. Take
a crash course with Sean Chiplock (voice
actor & self-professed DC enthusiast)
as he takes you through several notable
examples & discusses their unique
mechanics. Maybe you’ll discover one that’s
right up your dungeon alley!
The Genshin Anemo Boyband
Kabooticosplay 8:00pm Pro 3
Come and meet the hottest boyband in all
of Teyvat: get your photos signed by all 5
members of 5WIRL and enjoy a special
performance during the most interactive
fansign of the year. Ask questions
during the Q&A and participate in the
introduction of our new member!

Genshin Sleepover
saemoroll, KB and Ajax 9:00pm Pro 3
Join Chiscaraxiao for a night of games,
snacks, and prizes. Come in your pjs [in
cosplay or not!], bring pillows and blankets,
and have fun!

The Archon Shenanigan Game Show Edition [18+]
Zombifycos 10:15pm Pro 3
Can you serve? Serve your favorite archon
in the time of need to earn amazing prizes
in Tyvat! The Archon shenanigans game
show is here! Will there be a brawl or a
session of getting along?

Happy Hotel Story Times
Rylan 11:45pm Pro 3
Join Charlie and all her friends for some
friendly story what the princess
thinks is happening, but we’ve got a better

Smash or Pass- Star rail edition! [18+]
The_amazing_jazz_ and Mix 12:45am Pro 3
You have seen us do genshin smash or pass
but now it is time for Star rail! Join Ajax
and Mix as the trailblazers and get ready
to laugh!

Programming 4 (Oakdale 5)

Anime x EGL Fashion
Susie 9:00am Pro 4
What anime to watch if you love lolita
fashion! From classics like “Cardcaptor
Sakura” to hidden gems like “Kitai Fuku
Ga Aru”.

Banger Openings to Anime You Don’t Know
DT and Z 10:15am Pro 4
Attack on Titan. Demon Slayer. One
Punch Man. Of course you know some
banger OPs to anime, but what about these hidden gems?

Lolita fashion 101
Nic 11:30am Pro 4
Are you interested in Lolita fashion but
have no clue where to start? This is your
guide to starting your Lolita fashion

J-Fashion Round Table
Susie, Aubrey, Bonnie, Brianna, Emily, and
Helena 12:45pm Pro 4

Interested in lolita and J-fashion? We’ll
cover inclusiveness, shopping, print designs,
brand mascots, event planning, and more

Not So Simplicity: A Guide to Plus Size Cosplay
Ever Dreams Creative, Eternal Starlight
and FoxCrofty 2:00pm Pro 4

From the the work room, to the
convention, and camera cosplaying as plus
size has it’s challenges. Join for tops and
resources to use!

Cosplay and Burlesque with Disabilities; Tips and Challenges
Naughty Nerds Cabaret’s M’Lady Rae
3:15pm Pro 4

Let’s discuss the challenges and the
successes of living your best costumed life
with disabilities, on stage or off. Allies and
Community Leaders welcome.

Homestuck Shenanigans in 2024?
GalactianGoddess 4:30pm Pro 4
Come join us in reviving the ever
fluctuating fandom we know of as
Homestuck for some sick fires, a dating
game, T or D, and a Q&A!

Anger Management With Ciel Phantomhive
WolfyChan 6:15pm Pro 4
Have you ever wondered what secrets Ciel
keeps hidden from others? Well now is
your chance to see Ciel talk about things that piss him off.

Learn to Crochet!
Ankhensepnamun and Bridget 7:30pm Pro 4
Ever want to learn how to make crochet
items for cosplays? Learn here! Beginners
welcome, supplies will be provided!

Brushbug Hide and Sneek
Eternalstarlight, Crofty and Ever Dreams 8:45pm Pro 4
In Witch Hat, there is a wonderful
creature named brushbug. He shows up in
unexpected places. Can you find him?

Best of the Breast: Boobs in Anime [18+]
WhoWhatWaifus 10:00pm Pro 4
Boobs are a part of anime. We’ll look at
some good and bad portrayals of breasts in
anime and manga, and critique them.

NO! 6: The Legend of Curly’s Gold [18+]
Adam Brower 11:15pm Pro 4
An 18+ game show where contestants
vie for prizes that, if they lose, go to the
audience. What treasures and chaos will be discovered?

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